Datamede Success Story

The journey of a Medical Group with Datamede shines a light on the transformative power of digitization in healthcare.

Written by
Vasu Vallurupalli
Founder / CEO, Datamede Inc.
Published on
September 7, 2023
 min read

Modernizing Medical Billing: A Datamede Success Story

In the complex world of healthcare and revenue cycle management, billing inefficiencies can be a significant drain on resources, time and revenue. The struggles faced by one independent Medical Group, not capturing over 20% of revenues annually due to these inefficiencies, underline the urgency of this issue. But as always, every challenge presents an opportunity.

Let's dive into how Datamede transformed this crisis into a success story, creating a blueprint for other medical providers.

The Billing Quandary

The Medical Group, comprising over 120 physicians across 20+ specialties and associated with 50+ hospital facilities, found themselves grappling with multiple challenges:

  • Reliance on paper-based charge slips, which were rife with legibility issues.
  • Delays in transferring data to billers, often stretching to weeks.
  • Missing data and inadequate documentation further impeded the charge capture process.
  • A lack of insight and transparency on cases from all patient encounters, affecting billing cycles.
  • Inconsistent MIPS reporting reduced payments and compromised compliance with CMS requirements.
  • Security and privacy concerns loomed large due to the paper-based system.

It painfully became clear to the CEO and the Board that a transformative solution was needed.

Datamede to the Rescue

After a vendor evaluation process, Datamede was chosen by the Medical Group to help solve the significant and revenue-impacting problem they were facing. Collaborating closely with the Group, Datamede delivered a platform that combined innovation with user-friendliness. Key features of the compelling charge capture solution:

1. Mobile-native App

Available on both iOS and Android, the App's designed to be configuration-driven. Dynamic templates, OCR functionality, document attachment, updating saved cases (patient encounters) and many more intuitive features have made capturing patient encounter data seamless.

2. API Integration

A real game-changer, the API allows immediate data transfer to the billing system. This eliminated the weeks-long wait the group previously endured. Importantly, the data is encrypted and secured, end to end.

3. Admin Panel

A holistic dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of all billable patient encounters, MIPS reporting, user administration, and more.

The Payoff

The Datamede solution had an immediate and dramatic impact:

  • The digital capture of data mitigated the inefficiencies of the paper-based system, reducing errors by over 90%.
  • Charge capture readiness improved by over 90%, expediting the entire billing process.
  • The medical group could submit claims faster, improving accuracy, reducing rejections, and thereby, increasing revenues.
  • They also found themselves surpassing MIPS reporting requirements, translating to increased payments.
  • Physicians have witnessed significant time savings, which means more time for patient care!


The journey of this Medical Group with Datamede highlights the transformative power of digitization in healthcare, specifically revenue cycle management. In this critical business process, where speed & efficiency is paramount and security is non-negotiable, turning to robust data-driven digital solutions will pave the way for operational excellence as well as financial success.

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