Automated Data Capture

User-Friendly Mobile App

Physicians can efficiently and accurately capture patient encounter information in the mobile app.

  • AI-powered dynamic templates

  • Immediate access to historical data and reports generated
    directly in the app

  • Instant messaging between physicians and billers

Data Aggregation & Enrichment

Central Patient Encounter Database

All data is stored in a secure database. This includes information captured by our mobile app, as well as data from EMR/EHR systems.

  • High-quality, complete patient encounter information

  • No more data inaccuracies or errors

  • Synced data across our mobile and web apps

Data Security

End-To-End Encryption

Our platform uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data at all times.

  • Data integrity

  • No unauthorized data access

  • Protected company reputation

Rest API

Billing System Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your billing system to streamline patient billing and claims filing.

  • Automated billing

  • Shorter billing cycle

  • Fewer billing issues and denied claims

Web Application

Intuitive Dashboard
and Insights

Access patient encounter information captured on mobile in the web app. Make data-driven decisions and maximize your revenue potential.

  • Fully customizable dashboard

  • Insights on billing efficiency and RCM metrics

  • Easy patient encounter data management

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Leave behind the hassles of paper slips and manual processes. Automate data capture at the point of care and take charge of your revenue cycle with our game-changing mobile app.